Delivery and additional notes

Please note the following before you make a purchase

Specialities and novelites

Our chocolates are hand-made and decorated to order, so some details may vary from those shown. We do not sell 'off the shelf' products, so you can be sure that your puchase is fresh and especially made for you, using pure Belgian chocolate

We take time and care in making our chocolates, and your pure chocolate purchase should remain in good condition for six months from the date of manufacture.

Some of our specialities and novelties contain permitted colours. We use Red E124, Blue E132, Yellow E104, Orange E110, Green both E104 and E132.

Chocolates and truffles

Chocolates and truffles are made from fresh added ingredients, and should remain in good condition up to eight weeks from date of manufacture.

We hope you enjoy our chocolates. We value your custom, and welcome your comments. We will endevour to reply quickly, and personally to your correspondence.

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