Entirely hand-made chocolates and truffles.

Our full range of hand made truffles and chocolates are listed below. They can be purchased as tempting individual treat bags, or combined to order in a boxed selection. Perfect for gifts

Gift boxed selections

Treat bag selections

Truffles dipped in milk chocolate 85g bag £5.50
Bailey's Irish Cream...Add to Cart
Benedictine...Add to Cart
Cherries steeped in Cointreau...Add to Cart
Creamed Whisky...Add to Cart
Southern Comfort...Add to Cart
Truffles dipped in plain chocolate 85g bag £5.50
Brandied Coffee...Add to Cart
Crystallised Ginger...Add to Cart
Rum Truffles...Add to Cart
Rum Raisin and Orange..Add to Cart
Whole Orange and Grand Marnier...Add to Cart
Truffles dipped in white chocolate 85g bag £5.50
Champagne...Add to Cart
Chocolates dipped in milk and plain chocolate 85g bag £5.50
Brazils...Add to Cart
Mints layered in white and plain chocolate 85g bag £5.50
Peppermints...Add to Cart
Traditionally made with butter, cream, sugar, golden syrup, and white chocolate to give a creamy melt in the mouth texture.
200g bag White Chocolate Butter Fudge £4.85...Add to Cart

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