Our White Chocolate Swans on itv Emmerdale!

We handmade and supplied itv Emmerdale with 50 of our white chocolate swans for use in three episodes which ran from the 31st of May to the 2nd of June 2017.

The storyline inlcuded accidental damage to "a big order of chocolate favours", with the workers frantically trying to repair our swans to meet the deadline.

We supplied both undecorated, and decorated white chocolate swans facilitaing the story showing workers repairing and decorating damaged items.

The episodes can still be viewed online for a limited time on the itv.com

Below are a few scenes from the episodes.

Jimmy and Nichola King inspect swans after er...passionately knocking over boxes.
"Look this one's ok!"

No it isn't

Bernice White, Kerry Wyatt, and Lisa Dingle look on as Jimmy repairs chocolate swans

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